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The process of undoing our racial biases can be awkward.

Here, we offer a safe space to ask tough questions and hear new perspectives with grace and honesty.

Post your questions below, and we will try to sort our the answers together.

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  1. Why is it wrong to stereotype black people but OK to talk about white people like they're all privileged?

    1. Important question! To have healthy and productive diologue, it's important to remember we can't make assumptions about an indivual based on what we believe about a group.

      That being said, we can know a great deal about the laws and practices of a country and have hard data as to how it effects people in that society. It turns out, that the USA has a history of creating an eviorment that disproptionatly disavatages some groups over other. This system continues today and has real consaquences for people's lives.

      This framework says nothing about an individual's personality, morality, or status, but rather the evironment and context in which that indivual lives and acts.


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