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Submission Guidelines

BTSF features a variety of guest contributors, increasing the level of well-rounded discussion, and filling in  critical gaps in knowledge available here.

BTSF is happy to receive post submissions and pitches as long as they generally fit the mission and scope of the site. The topical index provides a sense of the spectrum of subjects previously covered.

Posts may be lightly edited for clarity and length in collaboration with the author. Typically, BTSF will also add images, links, and text formatting during the editing process.

To submit an idea contact us via email or by twitter.
New posts go live on Mondays.

BTSF offers the following advice for successful guest posts submissions:
  • Try to keep posts as close to 500 words as possible. The nuanced topics covered on BTSF often require that post must be stretched to 700 words, but anything approaching 1000 words is best broken into a series of articles. 
  • State your main point right up front, and then expound on it. 
    • Don't hold it back or build up to it. 
    • Readers typically decide to stay or go within the first two sentences of an article. 
  • Avoid starting posts with an 'I' statement or personal story. 
    • Though they may be good additions later in the post, readers will often tune out if used as openers. 
  • Don’t assume your audience knows jargon terms or relevant context. 
    • BTSF has both secular social justice readers, as well as Christian new-to-social-justice readers. 
  • Include a short 1-2 sentence bio, including the name by which the author should be identified, as well as affiliations and any desired links/contact info. 
  • If your article is accepted and goes live, check back in periodically to respond to any comments that may be directed toward the author. 
    • BTSF gives the original contributor the first opportunity to respond to comments, before contributing our own thoughts. 
  • See also BTSF Blogging Advice as well as The Academic's Guide to Writing Online

    BTSF reserves the right to use content posted on this site for promotional text (typically via TwitterRSS feedemail subscriptions, Facebook, Google+, and StumbleUpon). BTSF frequently receives requests to republish its material on other blogs and websites. Guest contributors acknowledge that their content may be redistributed, but that they will be contacted before-hand for approval. No prior contact will be given for apperances on (a curator-based content distributer, which simply links back to orginal URLs rather than republishing articles in full). Additionally, content automatically appears on, without prior notification.

    Happy writing!

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