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Monday, February 18, 2019

New Fruit

At this point, it's obvious that I have no longer been updating By Their Strange Fruit. I have attempted for some time to return to this discipline that has been so formative for me over the years, but it has become clear that it's time for me to focus on new fruit.

Maybe now that I’m daily living out my justice convictions in my work at UM Church for All People, rather than writing from the sidelines of academia, I don’t feel the same need for the outlet of expression.

Maybe in this post-post-racial era of blatant bigotry, pointing out the subtly pernicious manifestations of systemic racism felt too trite.

Maybe after the election of Trump, my heart just needed to find new modes of resistance.

Maybe after the many repeated unarmed killings there is simply nothing more to say. Simply, "see too many previous posts": Michael Brown, Jordan Davis, Tamir RiceSarah Lee Circle BearRalkina JonesJohn Crawford, Trayvon Martin, Trye King, on and on and on. Say their names.

Or maybe after nearly 10 years, every act of resistance just has its season. Time to bear new fruit.

Racism is no less prevalent, Christ is no less relevant.
In fact, both are arguably much more so now than ever before.
The work continues.

I have so much love and gratitude for these years of learnings and relationships that have come out of this space. What began as a simple medium for my own self-education, grew deeper, richer, and much larger than I had ever anticipated. I am so grateful for the many who were so crucial  to the journey.

I will leave the site up, both for my own reference and for others’ use, as long as the internets allow. I
Check out the
"All People Podcast
may even use it for the occasional outlet to speak up on specific issues as they arise, or as a platform to promote ongoing visibility for justice work happening around the country.

As this chapter draws to close, I include some links below to revisit a few of my favorite BTSF posts from over the years. Going forward, I’ll be hosting a new podcast in collaboration with Pastor Greg Henneman, in which we explore being a Church for All People, and the practices that we believe are critical for building the fully just and inclusive Body of Christ. Check it out and subscribe here.

I continue to yearn to know how we as Christians can and will get out ahead of this ever-evolving beast we call racism. There are so many brilliant, talented groups and individuals do the work to whom I will always be grateful.

And so, what say you readers?
How have you been coping in this new era? How do you continue to resist?

With so much love, gratitude, and hope,

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