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'Friday Fruit' Archive

On Fridays, BTSF posts links to some of the week's happenings
It's an opportunity for you to read about racial justice & Christianity from other folks, and for me to give props to the shoulders on which I stand.

Here, I will simply deposit the history of the links that have been featured, with the most recent appearing first:

    • Ruchi & Dave: A beautiful testimony of a multicultural wedding
      • Thanks for the rec, Diane!

    • Christianity's Strange Fruit: Alabama 'Whites Only' Christian Conference
      • We may discuss this more in its own post this week. Thanks for the heads up, Dan. 
    • Apology 101: A great breakdown of good and bad apologies
    • LoGOFF: Anti-Human Trafficking Video Series
    • Urban Prep: Abagond's overview of a school with a vision.
    • Rekia Boyd: Abagond reviews some of the most recent racialized killings
    • Ramarley Graham: Shot by police who broke into his home without a search warrant
    • Accord1: Multi-tiered ministry to bring reconciliation to the body of Christ
    • The Red Flag: What's your relationship with the cops like?
    • Ava DuVernay: Best Director Award At Sundance Film Festival
    • Sale Cereal: Seasonal vs. Perpetual/Generational Poverty
    • Impatiently Waiting: The search for a church committed to racial reconciliation doesn't go quickly.
      • By @RevLadyCharChar recommended by @PeregrinaDiane  
          • Vote For Me! The politicization and manipulation of jesus, christians, and religion
            • I Was A Racist: John Piper's racial testimony, including his story about adoption
                • Defining Fat: A look at BMI and what the labels really mean
                • Can I Help?: Think twice before letting the kids help with the cooking this year!
                    • Jay Smooth: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race
                    • All This: an intriguing forum for 10-minute exchanges of time
                    • Love Isn't Enough: One of my favorite blogs, and it's all about parenting and race.
                    • A Birth Project: "Transracial Adoption from one black girl’s perspective"
                    • ReNew Partnerships: Helping Christians of Different Ethnicities to Share Life and Ministry Together
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