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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome New Followers!

A quick welcome and 'thank you' to the new followers at BTSF! Glad your here!

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At BTSF, our mission is to facilitate justice and understanding across racial divides by offering essays, resources, and forums for discussion, in a manner that is accessible and respectful to all involved. In particular, we strive to be an open space for white folk (and others traditionally in roles of privilege) to ask tough questions, learn our racial history, gain an understanding of systematic injustice, and to become empowered agents for change, both within ourselves and for our communities.

By approaching racial justice and reconciliation from a Christ-minded perspective, we access the relational model that Jesus sets forth, and gain an understanding of the greater impact for the Kingdom that is at stake. We recognize that racial brokenness hinders our witness to the world, and is counter to God's will for His people. Therefore, we hope in God's promises for a redeemed and reconciled world and are grateful for the opportunity to play a role in their fruition.

We recommend starting with the following posts that lay the spiritual and sociological groundwork for the rest of the blogPlease feel free to comment. Conversation is the foundation of greater understanding.

Foundational Principles:
Why Racial Reconciliation in Christ is Important
The Biblical Premise for Diversity in the Church
Dr. Beverly Tatum: What is Racism?

Posts of Significance:
Katelin in China
White Savior Complex
White History Month
Health Care Access
Abortion and Condemnation

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