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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As an add-on to my post about Vineyard Community Church, here are some good options for those wanting to begin incorporating multi-cultural worship into their Sunday morning routine. Sorry I don't have recordings or chords for all of them. They are around here somewhere, so just ask and I will get them for you. Help me out if you know where to find the missing ones online.

The one Vineyard did this past Sunday: He is Yahweh, hear it here (skip to 4:47, where the song starts--also check out 14:50)

Ha Hona Ya Tshwana, chords
No Hay Nadie Como Tu, chords
Yae Su Sa Rang Hae Yo, chords
Santo Santo Santo, chords
Ah Ni:io (chords not online, but I have them)
Kwake Yesu Nasimama (chords not online, but I have them)
Unify Us, chords --I have French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese versions of this...somewhere)

Also for churches used to praise music, try some of these songs as good crossovers to gospel music that your congregation might already be familiar with. The differences can be subtle, so they make good stepping stones to add gospel songs to your rep:
Holiness (compare to this), chords
Awesome God (compare to this), chords
Friend of God (compare to this), chords
Here I Am to Worship (compare to this), chords
Lord, You Are Good (compare to this), chords

Remember, worship it is not about being comfortable. It is about praising God and celebrating His diverse kingdom is a part of that.

disclaimer: I put the above together very quickly and haven't checked all the chords for accuracy (not to mention the quality of the videos). Let me know and I can be sure to send you charts that have been tested.

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  1. A friend recently introduced me to Immer Mehr. Loving it! check it out:

    (note: H=B)

    One might have the group sing the verse and the leader sing the chorus, or do the chorus in English.

    A so-so translation here:

  2. you should work with Carolyn on keeping a list like this up to date!  We have fun putting together the Rockbridge set list every year, pulling from other IV chapters, Urbana, etc.  Check out "Broken Walls" for their Native-style worship

  3. Yes, indeed! I've have been intending to compile a much more comprehensive list of resources, but have never set aside the time to do it. Several BTSF collaborators have expressed interest as well. If you have chords/lyrics/recordings in digital form that you would want to send (bytheirstrangefruit at gmail dot com), maybe I'll set up a page to move toward that goal. 

  4. Check out this great series from Proskuneo that gives simple, practical tips for incorporating multilingual songs into your worship:


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