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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Beginning

Having thought that conceitedly publicizing one's insignificant thoughts in blog form was at once juvenile and monotonous, I may have thoroughly avoided the situation, but for two precipitating experiences. The first being that I actually began devotedly  to follow a blog for the first time and, being that it is written by a woman I greatly respect, the medium was heightened in my own estimation. Secondly, and perhaps more fortuitously, I ran across a TedTalk (coincidentally from Martin Seligman, a leader in my partner's field of research). He spoke of happiness being derived from maximizing three aspects of one's life: emotion (of which we apparently have very little control), use of your abilities, and meaningfulness. Focusing on the latter two, he suggested that if one can structure one's life such that one's greatest talents are utilized to their highest degree in aid to some goal larger than yourself, that fulfillment may be found in such a pursuit.

So I began to think what do I enjoy doing so much that I loose track of all time and space when involved in it? For me, it seems it is writing. Not poetry, or narrative, but argument. I enjoy (and perhaps dare to hope, have some skill in) finding that precise wording or turn of phrase to to describe my point without giving way to the counterpoint that is always around the corner. I enjoy discerning pitfalls in logic and potential rebuttal and in doing so, navigating a preemptive response in some elegant and pithy manner. High standards to begin a blog with! Do not judge me by my aspirations, for they are merely that!

So then to find purpose and meaning. My mind easily turns to a topic that has made my heart race and my mind tumble for many years now: the challenges facing the Church with regards to diversity in its body, particularly racial diversity and seeking redemption for the cooperate sins of a church hoping to access the promise of Revelation 7:9 'on earth as it is in heaven.'

I find myself thinking about these issues almost constantly and so I will put some of it here in small doses at a time. I can promise right now that I will make mistakes. That I will misspeak and misrepresent. I am young in my understanding and limited in my perspective. At times I may be too critical of the majority and too broad-handed with my understanding of the minority perspective. I ask forgiveness and ask to be educated in love and honesty. I am eternally grateful for those with the profound patience to educate me thus far.

ps. I'll be doing good just to post semi-regularly. You are hoping for a lot if you want good proof-reading. If something doesn't make sense let me know and I will correct it.

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