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Friday, April 1, 2011

We are all just part of the HUMAN race

Ok...after some of the comments I have gotten this week from people, I'm done with all of this race stuff. There are too many other, more important things to worry about in this world. How do you think I feel as marginalized woman in my line of work? I mean, dang, what makes these people think they deserve special rights?

I think we should all just move on--I don't even really see a person's color. I judge people on what's on the inside--that's what counts. I just wish they would stop complaining and making a big deal out of every little thing. If they worked as hard as I do, maybe they wouldn't have so many problems. They bring it on themselves!

I'm not racist, I'm just saying...don't you think it's time to move on from the 1960's? I have several black friend that agree with me. Jesus would just want us to forgive each other and live in harmony.
They need to calm down!
Why can't we all just get along??
UPDATE (4/2/11): Although, this was a sarcastic April fools joke. We should be mindful the above mindset is as dangerous as it is pervasive. See the links below to learn more about white privilege.

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