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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grateful for God's protective favor, but...

...not for the officer's

Last night, I totaled my car in a highway accident. Walked away. Praise God.

The guy that cut me off didn’t stop driving and so was not on the scene when the police came. All the cop saw was my car crashed at night against the cement guard for no obvious reason.

The policeman didn’t give me a ticket, didn’t ask for my license, didn’t ask for insurance or registration,  didn’t even ask my name or how it happened. He just made sure I was alright, called me a tow truck, and waited with me until it came.

For all the officer knew, I could have stolen that car, or I could have been high and lost control on the road, or I could have been driving without a license at all. Or I could have been an illegal immigrant.

But he didn’t think I was 'that kind of person'
and so he didn't question me at all.

This is white privilege.

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