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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday Fruit (05/01/15)

#JusticeForAkaiGurleyOn Fridays, BTSF offers links to other discussions about race & Christianity. It's an opportunity for you to read other perspectives, and for me to give props to the many voices leading the way...

Weekly Round Up:

These are some of BTSF's links of interest this week. What are yours?

Feel free to contribute your own links in the comments section, or submit items you feel should be included during the week. Self-promotion is encouraged.


  1. Brett FISH AndersonMay 1, 2015 at 2:51 AM

    Love the job you do of getting the message out - been so interesting as a South African who lived in Americaland for three years and returned home 8 months ago to watch how our two countries stories unfold in different yet such similar ways and i have been trying to use my blog to create a space for conversations to happen. One of the big ones we have had recently [and i would love to have some Americans read it and let me know if there is much resonance in what is being said] is this email from a friend of mine who is white South African and living in England and wanted to write anonymously and then a bunch of responses from different people of colour -

    Then i also just wrote this short and simple piece which i know relates which is about us calling out racism or racist behaviour every time we see it around us in the people we love:

    Great stuff - keep on
    love brett fish

  2. Thanks for sharing your writing, Brett!


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