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Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Fruit (12/12/14)

On Fridays, BTSF offers links to other discussions about race & Christianity. It's an opportunity for you to read other perspectives, and for me to give props to the shoulders on which I stand...

Weekly Round Up:

These are some of BTSF's links of interest this week. What are yours?

Feel free to contribute your own links in the comments section, or submit items you feel should be included during the week. Self-promotion is encouraged.


  1. Good list, Katelin - I have just recently found Austin Channing and love her blog. To your list I'd add: (I'm not sure how to link, so you'll need to copy and paste)

    This link is not based on a christian or church perspective, but I thought it was really good -

  2. Thanks for these additions, Pat! Really great!


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