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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friday Fruit (8/23/13)

On Fridays, BTSF offers links to other discussions about race & Christianity. It's an opportunity for you to read about racial justice & Christianity from other perspectives, and for me to give props to the shoulders on which I stand...

Weekly Round Up:

These are some of BTSF's links of interest this week. What are yours?

Feel free to contribute your own links in the comments section, or submit items you feel should be included during the week. Self-promotion is encouraged.


  1. Can I put in a link to a post I wrote this week? Perceptions of Racism: Why We Need a Double Standard

  2. Absolutely! In facts, several of us were just discussing your article on fb:

  3. That's cool! But I can't read the Facebook conversation; it must be private.

  4. ah. yeah, sorry. And I probably can't change the privacy settings since it isn't my wall. Suffice it to say, your piece sparked some good dialogue.


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