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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fruit (07/19/13)

This week, we have a lot of links looking at the broader issues of race and legal justice. A lot here looks at facts and data, but I would also encourage you to listen to personal accounts and stories to truly begin to understand the events of this week. Christena's 'Reconciliation Replay' is a good place to start.

Weekly Round Up:
  • Precocious 'colorblind' kids react to biracial Cheerios commercial
    • I got a bunch of requests to post this one because it's 'feel good' in a week where we could definitely use it. But, to be honest, I was underwhelmed: blatant racism easy to point--even a child can do it. It takes more nuanced thinking to tackle (and own) the way modern racism has evolved.

These are some of BTSF's links of interest this week. What are yours?

Feel free to contribute your own links in the comments section, or submit items you feel should be included during the week. Self-promotion is encouraged.

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