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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More on the Superbowl Commercials

There has been a lot of talk about a couple of controversial issues with the commercials this year. I suspect some of you have already read all of the tongue wagging, while others didn't even notice their questionable nature (and may accuse me of being hypersensitive).

I meant to post about the Superbowl last week, but as usual things got busy. This year, I was in it for the commercials, as I usually am being from Cincinnati, home of the 'Bungles' (though I grin inside to see the Steelers loose). So I was really glad that City Athena had such good things to say.

I just wanted to direct your attention to some of the other posts that have been circulating. They vary in intensity and perspective and talk about the crazy Groupon Tibet commercial as well.

How Important are Portrayals of Us in Ads? 
Nobody's Smiling about Pepsi
Abagond: Pepsi Max
Groupon Exploits Tibet
Epic Fails of Super Sunday

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