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"Ye shall know them by their fruit,"
(Matthew 7:16)
            At BTSF, our mission is to facilitate justice and reconciliation across racial divides from a Christian perspective.
            By approaching racial these issues from a Christ-minded perspective, we access the relational model that Jesus sets forth, and gain an understanding of the greater impact for the Kingdom that is at stake. 
            We recognize that racial brokenness hinders our Christian witness to the world, and is counter to God's will for His people. Therefore, we hope in God's promises for a redeemed and reconciled world and rejoice  in the opportunity to participate in their fruition. 

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  • Racism is a real and pervasive force dividing God's Kingdom.
  • A divided body of Christ hurts our witness to the world, hampers our personal relationship with God, and perpetuates our global sinful brokenness and injustice. 
  • Rich diversity and equity is important to God, and is part of His vision for a redeemed Kingdom. 
  • The Church has made egregious errors in our racial history, the consequences of which we continue to bear. 
  • The Church continues to perpetuate racial injustice today, causing pain that often goes unrecognized and unacknowledged.
  • However, the Church also has incredible potential to usher radical racial redemption, and to be a balm of justice & hope to the world through the model of Jesus Christ. 
  • It is important for those traditionally in positions of power and privilege to educate themselves and to take action to redeem broken relationships & systemic injustice.  
  • By God's grace, we have the opportunity to not only right our own wrongs, but to dramatically advance racial healing, reshaping the world's understanding of who God is and what God desires for us as a community.
At BTSF, we hold the above statements to be central to our purpose and essential to our progress. Though not all contributors need adhere to these principles, they serve as a central template with which to conduct our discussions. Many of the concepts stated here have been fleshed out and discussed in previous posts, as it is in this weekly discipline that I myself learn, grow, and endeavor to walk in the way of Christ. 

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